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That's me (on the left) and Paul Thorn (to the right) in the picture above, taken at the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds in Freedom, California where Paul and his band performed in the Texas Uprising / Swine Soiree put on by KPIG Radio. The show was held June 11, 2000 and included the following artists:

The Waybacks Paul Thorn James McMurtry Jack Ingram John Eddie Band
Iris Dement Slaid Cleaves Sarah Elizabeth Campbell Joe Ely Robert Earl Keen

Paul Thorn is, in my opinion, one of America's greatest singer/songwriters. I highly recommend buying an album or two. My favorite recording of Paul's is the "Ain't Love Strange" album. You can purchase Paul's recordings and art work at his web site - http://www.paulthorn.com

Above photo taken by Rick Hindman. Thanks, Rick !

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