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Burlacticus Undertow will be playing Wednesday, Oct 25th in the Atrium at The Catalyst. Showtime is 9 PM. Admission is Free. Drinks are on me.

Here's a brief review of their last show (at Callahan's) i wrote:

Again we had a great time at Callahan's. It's one of the last un-trendy dive bars with live music and no pretentions of being anything other than what it is. The dance floor and stage are all one little postage stamp but we usually seem to work it out. This particular night there was this bare chested buff tatooed long haired guy who liked to stand up front watching. I guess i accidentally brushed him at some point as i was bouncing all over the place. Next thing i know this guy's manager or something is taking me aside and warning me that if i touch his boss again i'll be leaving on a stretcher. I just told the guy it was an accident and we were all just having fun and why didn't the guy himself say anything to me. Well, that didn't go over so good so i just kept myself surrounded by all the beautiful women dancing that night. What a weird place Callahan's can be sometimes. I guess as long as no one gets hurt it just lends a bit of edge to the heat.

It seemed like the band pulled out a couple of new tunes this gig. At least, i think their cover of the Beatles "Helter Skelter" was new. It was pretty wild and Rich keeps adding more wailing vocals (Rich, whaddya call that high vocal Ian Gillan type thing anyway ?).

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