Written in 2008 by
Ronald Joe Record

How I Kissed Grace Slick

Copyright, Ronald Joe Record
All Rights Reserved

Visiting Enid with my girlfriend Swarloka in the Summer of 1975 we saw that Jefferson Starship was playing in Tulsa. I borrowed my dad's pickup and we loaded the goat in back (oh yeah, at that time Swarloka and I had a goat and a dog - nothing like fresh goat's milk in the morning). We drove over to Tulsa, left the goat tied to a tree in the park and went to the show. We didn't have tickets but easily scored a couple from a friendly hippie.

Inside the place was packed. Cops were everywhere. I guess Oklahoma was really scared of these crazy San Francisco hippies singing about revolution in the streets. This was the "Red Octopus" tour and Jefferson Starship started the show off by playing songs from this mostly love ballad filled album. Every time someone would stand up and start dancing the cops would immediately force them to sit back down. They told us a couple of times to sit back down or we'd have to leave. I think the band noticed these boot heeled gestapo methods and cut short their love songs to launch directly into "Blows Against The Empire". Everybody was on their feet and dancing and singing along.

But a ring of cops was closing in on us. Why us ? Just as they were about to nab us this long blonde haired guy bursts through the ring of cops and slaps backstage passes on us. He takes us by the hand and leads us down to the stage. Now we're on stage behind the drummer as the band launches into "Have You Seen The Saucers?". Me and Swarloka are dancing on stage with Jefferson Starship!

After the show we're backstage. I want to go into the dressing room and meet the band. Swarloka doesn't want to go in cause she thinks the guy who rescued us is really after her. So, I tell her I'll make it quick and duck in the door to try and find Paul. The first thing I see is Grace Slick at a long table with a bunch of guys in suits. Her mascara has run, she looks like hell, and she's sipping a cocktail. When I enter the room everyone turns to look at me. I'm this long haired golden skinned patched jeans shoulder bag hippie and Grace asks "Who are you?" I just walk up, bend over, give her a kiss, and tell her that I love her.

Returning to Swarloka I find she is talking to one of the policemen. He explains to her that the reason they were closing in on us is the back of her dress. She turns around and, sure enough, the back of her skirt has a huge slit in it. Swar never wears underwear so her perfect ass has been swinging in the breeze! We were almost arrested for public nudity and disturbing the peace. We went back to the park, picked up Nanny, and returned to Enid refreshed and reinvigorated by the "Blows" of the Jefferson Starship and the Kiss of Grace.

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